Wendy Rothkopf has long been a world traveler.  Beginning with an interest in cultural anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania and Sarah Lawrence College, she launched her career in travel with a trip through Asia’s famous Silk Route when women had a rare presence in that part of the world.  Wendy’s interest in travel continued to blossom through her career in film, taking her to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India, Nepal, Morocco, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands and the islands of the Caribbean and Canada:  Cape Breton and Nova Scotia.  Her expertise in crafting unique, safe and creative journeys for her clients is paramount.

Wendy has studied yoga and the healing arts for many years (500 HR RYT).  She happily shares her skills and teaching in well-planned, customized international and domestic retreats for both groups and individuals.  Whether for leisure, family or business, Wendy’s belief in travel as a means of enhancing global communication continues to fuel the curiosity and world wonder she shares on a daily basis at Regent Tours, Inc., the company founded by her mother, Phoebe Rothkopf, some 40 years ago.